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Robert Deignan’s Tip for Healthy Relationships with Technology

Robert Deignan is a hard working individual. He is the CEO of ATS Digital Services. He also helped to co-found ATS Digital Services. Before helping to start ATS Digital Services Robert Deignan worked at iS3 as the Vice President. Robert Deignan does many different things in his career. A lot of his work involves different types of technology. Robert Deignan wants to help people learn about how to build healthier relationships with their technology. This article is going to give you a look into a few tips he has for building stronger relationships with your technology.

The first tip that Robert Deignan gives is the fact that having multiple screens can distract you from your work. Multi tasking is something that we all do from time to time, but we always need to make sure that while multi tasking we are still doing our work efficiently and correctly. Having more than one screen can cause a lot of error because of the distractions it causes. Multiple screens may be a bad idea depending on what you are doing. The next tip that Robert Deignan thinks is important is the fact that technology often changes the way we think. This tip is a given. Technology does change the way that people think. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. The last tip is that technology can be addictive. Technology was purposely made addictive because the more you are addicted to it the more you will support it and its efforts.

Robert Deignan believes that everyone who uses technology should build a healthy relationship with it. Building a healthy relationship with technology will help you to not become addicted, it will help you to respect your work instead of trying to speed through and multitask with multiple screens, and it will help to keep your mind in a clean place instead of changing the way that you think. Robert Deignan is a hard working individual who wants to make sure everyone respects technology and uses it the way that it was intended to be used.

Louis Chenevert Discusses the Value of Investing in Employees

Louis Chenevert is a businessman from Canada who currently works at the company United Technologies Corporation. Today, he serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company. When talking to industry experts, Chenevert discussed ways in which companies can improve and succeed. One of the main things that he talked about was investing in employees. Louis believes that investing in employees will help companies reach their goals more easily as well as getting a more talented and motivated workforce. In order to invest in employees, Louis Chenevert has suggested an emphasis in teamwork building, a positive work environment, rewards for hard workers and also an employee scholarship program.

When a company is looking to invest in employees, one of the things that Louis Chenevert suggested is to offer an employee scholar program. This is a program that entails providing funding for education and training. Since college programs can be quite expensive, many employees can have difficulty affording it. This can also lead to a lot of debt as well. However, an employee scholar program allows employees to get the education and training they need at little to no cost. As a result, they will be able to get the training they need in order to advance their career without financial strain.

Another thing that Louis Chenevert suggested was to offer rewards for hard workers. A company has certain employees who stand out among the rest. They demonstrate a solid work ethic as well as good performance. To make a workforce more productive, a company will benefit by offering things such as gift cards and bonuses to reward its top workers. Rewarding hard workers has proven to give them extra incentive to perform at their best. With better performing workers, a company will be in position to meet its objectives more easily.

Any company that is looking to invest in their employees will also benefit by emphasizing teamwork and providing a positive work environment. Companies that encourage their employees to work together on a regular basis will lead to more efficiency. With them working as a team, many tasks will get done faster. Therefore products and services will likely be better and satisfy customers. Providing a positive work environment for employees will give them a place where they will enjoy working.

The Bright and Colorful Entrepreneur, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who uses her love for bright colors and unique view to create makeup and jewelry for anybody craving something different. Her makeup brand Lime Crime has become wildly successful over the years, offering makeup lovers the color options that most brands did not make. Her makeup line is often described as the makeup line for “unicorns.” Over the years, Lime Crime was grown from an apartment in Brooklyn to a globally loved brand.

After experiencing success with Lime Crime, Doe Deere decided to launch another venture, Poppy Angeloff. Poppy Angeloff is a jewelry line for people who desire heirloom-quality, vintage-inspired jewelry while giving them the fun color Doe Deere is known for. Her idea for Poppy Angeloff blossomed after falling in love with some family heirlooms she had. Since selling Lime Crime, Poppy Angeloff has become her main focus and she is excited to cater to a new audience of people wanting something more unique from the jewelry.

Doe Deere moved to the U.S at 17. For the next two years, she worked a bunch of different jobs and lived in a homeless shelter. It was during this time that she was able to create a guideline in order to succeed in what she does. At the core of that guideline is, being passionate, know your customer, and take risks. Those guidelines are what she followed when she first began her career as an entrepreneur, and it’s what she continues to follow now.

Doe Deere has worked hard for years to build brands that allow people to express themselves in a more colorful and creative way. From makeup to jewelry, she puts her entire being into her ventures to give the customer something that they cannot get from other brands. It’s clear that no matter what Doe Deere creates next, everyone can expect it to be anything but bland.

Nicolas Krafft Successful Realization Of The Hugest Beauty And Fashion Show


Last year, L’Oreal Paris organized one of the most prestigious fashion and beauty exhibitions on 30th September. The event took place on River Seine at the heart of Paris. L’Oreal Paris organized a spectacular event for two primary reasons, which included the showcasing of the latest looks in the fashion industry and making beauty and fashion more accessible. Making the event open to the general public facilitated its accessibility.

Besides, three other core components were vital for the realization of the huge fashion event. The incorporation of the elements entailed gracing the center of the stage with gorgeous women who by demonstrating their special styles reached out to the globe. The attendees comprised of high-profile individuals in the segment like Val Garland and Stephane Lancien. It took over eight days to identify the most outstanding floating catwalk because of the excellence of the participants. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The excellent models included Elle Fanning, Louise, and Eva Longoria. During their showcasing, different elements were spotted including the incorporation of creativity and diversity linking numerous elements of the French culture. Given the exemplariness of the ceremony, other executives from other industries featured in the event. These personalities included Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones actor, and Marie Bochet. Their presence thus supplemented the event making it distinct. As such, everyone enjoyed the wonderful catwalks including passersby and tourists. More than 30 countries watched the entire event simultaneously through drone filming.

The Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft was responsible for the event’s success. Mr. Krafft performs numerous duties at L’Oreal including serving as the General Manager, Director for Marketing and the Eastern Europe Deputy General Manager. In each of his positions, Nicolas Krafft works towards attaining achievement.

The Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft manages his operations exclusively by utilizing his extensive knowledge. He attended two popular institutions: St. Gallen University and INSEAD. At Gallen, Mr. Krafft attained a business management degree between 1990 and 1995. In 2006, he graduated from INSEAD having finalized his corporate programme in general management. The acquisition of skills from these prestigious schools gives him the confidence and capabilities to manage his five posts.


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Clay Hutson The Hands On Engineer

Clay Hutson is a musical expert. His expertise includes but is not limited to sound engineering, production manager, and tour producer. Clay Hutson is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Clay Hutson is a Central Michigan University alumni and graduated with a bachelor degree and an MBA. When Clay Hutson initially started his career he worked for a host of other companies and gained experience in all different aspects of live entertainment. After doing this for some years he had mastered everything that he needed and he branched out on its own starting his own live entertainment company. Since starting his own company he has an impressive resume and has worked with some of the most famous rock and roll stars like Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage and Guns N Roses. The most eye popping of his clients is mega pastor and spiritual leader Billy Graham. He was the production manager for Pastor Billy Graham’s traveling ministry.

When Clay is setting up a set it takes experience meaning he already has an idea of what works and what doesn’t work. He also picture the set mentally in his head and implements vision. Technology plays a big role when the Clay is putting together a live entertainment set. An example of the improvement of technology is that lights are smaller and more mobile so they can be manipulated easily in many different angles. Technology allows Clay to bring different ideas to life and to do things that wouldn’t be possible if technology did not exist. Clay also has a perspective that music is an art so when he is working with a musician he thinks of it as a collaboration.

If Clay is working with an artist that likes to perform stunts or do acrobatics during their live performance he embraces this and thinks it helps to make the show unforgettable and wows the audience. Clay Hutson takes extreme pride in his work and he makes sure anything with his name attached to it is high quality. Although Clay is a business owner he is hands on and puts in long hours to put out an excellent product. In order to truly achieve success at times you have to put in an extra hour or go the extra mile.