Month: March 2019

Taking a Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Career

Igor Cornelsen has had a successful career as an investment banker. He is an expert at financial investments ad most investors seek his advice before purchasing any stocks. Igor’s passion for working with numbers began at an early age, and he even changed his course to economics from taking engineering.

This was also though taking a course in engineering was seen as a great fit since engineering courses were rare and were offered in a few universities. Igor graduated in the year 1970 from the Federal University of Parana and immediately found a job working for an investment bank. Igor worked tirelessly at Multibanco, and he was soon recognized for his work. He got a position as a board of governor and also held the title of CEO for a while. The bank was later purchased by a different bank, and Igor Cornelsen decided to explore different areas.

He landed at Unibanco where he worked for some time before moving to Libra Bank PLC. At this bank, he was the investment advisor, a position which transformed Igor’s career to the better. Not only was Igor paid more money but he was able to try out different ideas that turned into successes earning the bank a lot of money. Consequently, Cornelsen was given a position as a board member where he continued working for the company.

After working at the three banks, Igor had acquired enough knowledge and experience to help him start his own company. This was the beginning of Bainbridge Investment Inc. Through his company, Igor continues to give advice to young investors and inspires them. Igor’s most significant advantage is that he sees opportunities where others fail to do so. Igor Cornelsen has been urging investors to buy stocks in Brazil which was experiencing economic instability, and his investments are starting to pay out. Igor Cornelsen’s fortune is based on his expertise.

The unmatched performance of Heather Parry at Live Nation Productions

The new President of Live Nation Productions, the company that produced, “A Star Is Born” film, is Heather Parry. The project is one of the biggest films of the year featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The President explains that she won the contract of handling the project after meeting Bill Gerber, one of the film producers during a dinner party held in his house in favor of Martha Stewart. Initially, Parry called Brandley Cooper’s agent, David Bulgaria who organised the whole process for her. She had assured the agent that Live Nation Productions had all it took to make the film a success including venues, concert tours, and festivals to name but a few.

Heather Parry

Parry points out that she pitched Bill Gerber during the party as others were enjoying themselves because it was the only excellent opportunity for her and the company. From there, Live Nation Productions took over the matter through its marketing team and successfully delivered the final product. The film is one of the many successful projects that the President has produced since joining the company on December 1, 2015. Unlike other celebrities that make a grand entrance to a new position, Heather Parry jumped directly into her work. She worked together with Colin Hanks, a director, and an actor and produced a documentary after only two months in office. The documentary involved the return of Eagles Of Death Metal to Paris after their 2015 Bataclan tragedy. Hanks and Parry previously worked at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. The documentary won the nomination for two Critics’ Choice awards making the start of a successful era for Parry.

The Live Nation Productions’ President admits that she never told anyone that she was leaving Happy Madison. She opted to go her way by leaving Madison on a Friday and reporting to her new company the following Monday. According to Parry, that is the way she likes doing things through action, not by words.

Victoria Doramus Of New York City Overcomes Addiction


Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert. She shares her life experiences struggling with alcohol as well as drug addiction. Learn more about how she overcame her struggles after hitting rock bottom. Victoria Doramus became stronger in that process.

Victoria Doramus describes her experiences of drug and alcohol addiction in detail. At the age of 26, she was sent to rehab. She spent 45 days at a facility situated in Arizona. Victoria Doramus was mainly addicted to Adderall and Cocaine. Adderall is often prescribed to individuals with ADHD. Although the effects are vastly questionable because it’s addictive, if administered right, it’s effective.

Doramus learned a lot of the recovery process. She left rehab with a great sense of optimism regarding the future. She didn’t fully understand the nature of addiction she needed to deal with. Besides, she didn’t know that she needed help to deal with the problems. After five years of battling depression and drug addiction, she realized that even changing states and friends didn’t work. She hit the worst point of her life. She moved to Connecticut to seek help from a health care professional.

Victoria Doramus reiterates that an addict must be committed to the recovery process to get better. When one isn’t willing to do what it takes to get better, they will not. This is regardless of the support. Personal resolve, as well as responsibility, are some of the key aspects an individual should consider. In 2016, Doramus returned to New York. She was dedicated to defeat her demons. She also wanted to prove to her mother who was battling cancer that she could do it. Unfortunately, she failed once more after signing up in rehab. She relapsed in the hands of her doctors in Manhattan. Doramus would later understand that she needed a different network of friends. She also learned that she couldn’t do it all by herself. Visit This Page to learn more.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus pursued recovery in earnest. She checked in Burning Tree, a prominent Texan facility that took a systematic approach toward recovery. Professionals weren’t sympathetic to patients who relapsed. Doramus would start her day at 5:45 am to pray and meditate. She would then indulge in chores. After eight months, she began to wait tables in Dallas. Doramus could now afford a plane ticket to visit her mother in Tennessee.


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Jojo Hedaya is the proud owner of a budding business, Unroll.Me. He joined hands with Josh Rosenwald, and together they founded Unroll.Me. It is an app that takes care of junk files, spams, and other unnecessary emails by cleaning them. The app comes with an additional feature, The Rollup that assembles a user’s favorite subscriptions into one email that can be read at a scheduled time. It is easy to use and understand and has therefore many clients.

Contrary to other startups that have a hard time finding their footing, Unroll.Me took off pretty quickly and in its first two years it hard over a million users. Jojo Hedaya and Rosenwald consider themselves lucky for this, but it can be seen that their passion and hard work is what brought their success. Josh and Hedaya met at Brooklyn College where they were studying but had to drop out to focus solely on Unroll.Me. Jojo, however, considers education essential and went back to complete his degree. He is married and has a son together with his wife.

When asked about the secrets to his success, JojoHedaya gave a few tips. These include;

  • Work with the right people- the key to a successful organization is employees that are eager to learn new things and are passionate about their work. They should also be self-driven. When starting at Unroll.Me, Jojo hired an engineer who was still studying but had the motivation of learning. He is now a top producer at the company.


  • Have the right skills and knowledge– starting a business without any prior knowledge is a sure guarantee of failure. One should, therefore, look into all aspects before venturing out.


  • Make a product that is simple to use- the reason behind the failure of most startups is the complication of using their products. JojoHedaya ensured that Unroll.Me was easy to figure out, therefore, winning many clients over.


  • Take a minimum amount of time to launch a product- most entrepreneurs waste a lot of money and resources on a project that eventually fails when started. He, therefore, encourages entrepreneurs to minimize the use of funds to avoid major loses.