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Charlamagne Tha God Defends His Close Friendship With Tomi Lahren


Monks corner was raised in the hip- hop age and describes himself as a super jock. Charlamagne Tha God praises both Secret-style positive thinking and the lord for his success and high-quality radio personality.

I can remember saying to myself, “I need to be a super jock” Charlamagne Tha God tells people like Howard Stern, and his old employer Wendy Williams. I don’t need to be an ordinary radio host in some town doing temperature, time and the latest song. If I need to do this, I must be on their level!

We are talking about the power 105.1 studios. Being surrounded by the talented cast of Charlemagne’s co-workers and friends. It’s obvious that Charlemagne’s talkative and generous nature helped him go from a South Carolina intern into a happy and successful radio host bursting with personality, for the people who watch him on the breakfast club they feel like they know him.

Fortunately Charlamagne Tha God knows his candor isn’t meant for everyone- he has been fired 4 times including once from his mentor Wendy Williams. Despite that Charlamagne was still able to keep up and obtain amazing gigs.

In the age of celebrity gossip and drama, Charlamagne gave a bold, fearless interview and told the whole world about his enemies. He said on air that drake was an emotional 13-year-old girl and that the artist looked like a thumb with a eyebrow. He asked Amber rose questions about Kyga and it set off even more drama and arguments. Read This Article for more information.

This Friday, Charlamagne Tha God will be starring in the 3rd season of MTV talk show uncommon series Live. He also wrote a book called “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”. It is currently available for early order. Charlamagne sees himself in the future writing movies for television shows, movies, and being an executive producer. I’m only getting started! Says Charlamagne.