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Richard And Liu Qiangdong: Gurus Businessmen In Online Retail Shop


To thrive in entrepreneurship, one must be dedicated and determined. Richard Liu has mastered the art of entrepreneurship so well. He is currently the chief executive officer of a leading e-commerce organization. J.D Com an online based company has been utilizing cutting edge technology to innovate new marketing strategies and explore new markets.

His real name; Richard Liu Qiangdong is a self-made successful entrepreneur, who was born in Jiangsu province in China. Having been brought up by coal shipping parents, Richard Liu Qiangdong was nurtured to be an industrious man. His parents struggled to offer him proper education and wished him well his future endeavors. Immediately after graduating from a secondary school Liu joined the People’s University of China where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. In the university, he studied a sociology program.

In search of more knowledge, Liu Qiangdong taught himself computer coding. This was a huge milestone that would enable him to broaden his horizon. After his university graduation, he secured his first employment with a large-scale natural supplement company. In Japan life, he parlayed his acquired skills and eventually was promoted to be the company’s head of computers. Refer to This Article for more information.

After gaining adequate skills in organization management, Liu felt he was ready enough to venture in entrepreneurship. He started with a small retail shop in Beijing. The small shop known as China’s technology hub would later grow to a multibillion-dollar company. In his retail shop, he dealt with magneto-optical products. He provided high-quality tech supported services to his customers. The business was highly competitive and therefore Liu had to distinguish himself by selling authentic products.

After growing his business, Liu Qiangdong continued selling magneto-optical products in his new enterprise brick and mortar store. Others vendors started seeing the advantages of the site and approached him so that they could sell their wares on the same site. This was followed by the formation of a long-term business partnership. The business experienced tremendous growth and he decided to rename it to JD. Com.

In his new expanded business, he dealt with high-quality luxury items. J.D com was the first online market where such items would be accessed. To satisfy his customers, Liu invested in an easy to use interface that is simple and accessible to online shoppers.


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JD Setting An International Example For Companies Going Green

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, companies around the world are introducing environmental initiatives of their own. One such example is the major Chinese e-commerce retailer, Jingdong, also known as Jingdong recently launched the “Green Stream Initiative”. The new initiative to deliver products in the reusable green boxes has been welcomed across the industry and is expected to be replicated by other companies soon.


The company has created recyclable green packaging that will both save the company money and reduce waste. Their recent step in the article “ Launches New Reusable Package Initiative” is a big one. It signifies that the company has put their full force behind making the company a truly environmental company.


Jingdong’s new “green box” program is estimated to save the company 32.5 million yuan per year if only 10% of their customers choose to participate. The company offers the green box as a free option during checkout. In order to persuade customers to participate, Jingdong is offering the incentive of special Jingdong loyalty points to customers that choose green packaging, which then can be exchanged for free products from the website. All customers have to do to earn these Jingdong points is return the packaging to the carrier after they receive their delivery. Additionally, the reusable packaging can be used up to 10 times for small and medium items like cosmetics, small electronics, and jewelry. In contrast, the reusable boxes is not an option for food orders.


In addition, Jingdong hopes to have the new green packaging program launched in 20 different cities by the end of 2018. Just one of Jingdong’s green initiative programs, the green box program is expected to reduce the number of boxes that Jingdong utilizes in their supply chain by 10 billion per year. This shift, along with their use of solar and hydrogen powered delivery vehicles, elevates Jingdong as a crucial leader in environmental-friendly business practices. Following suit, other major retailers around the world may will soon introduce similar reusable packaging programs. Read This Article for additional information.


As major companies like Jingdong rethink how they way that they conduct business impacts the environment, we will see better management of our natural resources. Businesses are finding that looking into green options can save them substantial amounts of money each year, as Jingdong found with their reusable green boxes. Consequently, Jingdong is proving that not only is going green a good decision for the environment, but it can be smart way to save a company’s monetary assets.


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Richard Qiangdong success To His Company


The 21st century is marked by technological advancement. This has seen many nations and businesses changing their methodologies from manual to digital. In the entrepreneurial world, for example, businesses have taken a shift from physical location based on online based. Change has proved to a constant factor in man’s engagements.

Often change comes unaware, but one has to reorganize himself to adapt to the changing circumstance. In the business world, opportunities and circumstances cause businesses to change to different platforms of engagements. This is the case with the Chinese most celebrated innovative business tycoon – Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu Qiangdong has contributed to a great deal in E-commerce. He is the man behind the prestigious and most popular


Background of Richard Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in 1973 in China. He pursued his degree in the People’s University of China where he enrolled for Sociology. He, however, spent most of his time doing computer programming, something that changed his life in the business world. He has one wife, Zhang Zetian, who is an internet celebrity and two children. Go To This Page for additional information.


Richard Liu Qiangdong career, progress, his company

Although Richard Liu Qiangdong had a desire to become a politician, his career dream shifted to entrepreneurship. His family has a track record of entrepreneurial practice since his parents were business people doing coal business across China. Having finished his career study, he settled on different kind of jobs including opening up a restaurant.

However, the business never went successful, forcing him to establish Jindong as an organization that specialized in computer hardware and software supply. Liu experienced vast growth in the business making him expand it to an online business. He named the new business Currently, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of, also referred to as Jingdong mall.

Richard Liu’s has experienced significant growth under his leadership. The company is the leading online business in China. It has a potential management structure with well-defined goals and strong customer relationship that has enabled it stands tall amidst previous economic breakdown.

Finally, Richard Liu Qiangdong has invested in seeing soaring globally and beat other competitors in the market. The company has a well-established working system with qualified staff and almost controlling the economy of China. Thanks to the ideas of Richard Liu Qiangdong.


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