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Clay Hutson The Hands On Engineer

Clay Hutson is a musical expert. His expertise includes but is not limited to sound engineering, production manager, and tour producer. Clay Hutson is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Clay Hutson is a Central Michigan University alumni and graduated with a bachelor degree and an MBA. When Clay Hutson initially started his career he worked for a host of other companies and gained experience in all different aspects of live entertainment. After doing this for some years he had mastered everything that he needed and he branched out on its own starting his own live entertainment company. Since starting his own company he has an impressive resume and has worked with some of the most famous rock and roll stars like Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage and Guns N Roses. The most eye popping of his clients is mega pastor and spiritual leader Billy Graham. He was the production manager for Pastor Billy Graham’s traveling ministry.

When Clay is setting up a set it takes experience meaning he already has an idea of what works and what doesn’t work. He also picture the set mentally in his head and implements vision. Technology plays a big role when the Clay is putting together a live entertainment set. An example of the improvement of technology is that lights are smaller and more mobile so they can be manipulated easily in many different angles. Technology allows Clay to bring different ideas to life and to do things that wouldn’t be possible if technology did not exist. Clay also has a perspective that music is an art so when he is working with a musician he thinks of it as a collaboration.

If Clay is working with an artist that likes to perform stunts or do acrobatics during their live performance he embraces this and thinks it helps to make the show unforgettable and wows the audience. Clay Hutson takes extreme pride in his work and he makes sure anything with his name attached to it is high quality. Although Clay is a business owner he is hands on and puts in long hours to put out an excellent product. In order to truly achieve success at times you have to put in an extra hour or go the extra mile.