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Nicolas Krafft Successful Realization Of The Hugest Beauty And Fashion Show


Last year, L’Oreal Paris organized one of the most prestigious fashion and beauty exhibitions on 30th September. The event took place on River Seine at the heart of Paris. L’Oreal Paris organized a spectacular event for two primary reasons, which included the showcasing of the latest looks in the fashion industry and making beauty and fashion more accessible. Making the event open to the general public facilitated its accessibility.

Besides, three other core components were vital for the realization of the huge fashion event. The incorporation of the elements entailed gracing the center of the stage with gorgeous women who by demonstrating their special styles reached out to the globe. The attendees comprised of high-profile individuals in the segment like Val Garland and Stephane Lancien. It took over eight days to identify the most outstanding floating catwalk because of the excellence of the participants. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The excellent models included Elle Fanning, Louise, and Eva Longoria. During their showcasing, different elements were spotted including the incorporation of creativity and diversity linking numerous elements of the French culture. Given the exemplariness of the ceremony, other executives from other industries featured in the event. These personalities included Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones actor, and Marie Bochet. Their presence thus supplemented the event making it distinct. As such, everyone enjoyed the wonderful catwalks including passersby and tourists. More than 30 countries watched the entire event simultaneously through drone filming.

The Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft was responsible for the event’s success. Mr. Krafft performs numerous duties at L’Oreal including serving as the General Manager, Director for Marketing and the Eastern Europe Deputy General Manager. In each of his positions, Nicolas Krafft works towards attaining achievement.

The Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft manages his operations exclusively by utilizing his extensive knowledge. He attended two popular institutions: St. Gallen University and INSEAD. At Gallen, Mr. Krafft attained a business management degree between 1990 and 1995. In 2006, he graduated from INSEAD having finalized his corporate programme in general management. The acquisition of skills from these prestigious schools gives him the confidence and capabilities to manage his five posts.


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