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Victoria Doramus Of New York City Overcomes Addiction


Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert. She shares her life experiences struggling with alcohol as well as drug addiction. Learn more about how she overcame her struggles after hitting rock bottom. Victoria Doramus became stronger in that process.

Victoria Doramus describes her experiences of drug and alcohol addiction in detail. At the age of 26, she was sent to rehab. She spent 45 days at a facility situated in Arizona. Victoria Doramus was mainly addicted to Adderall and Cocaine. Adderall is often prescribed to individuals with ADHD. Although the effects are vastly questionable because it’s addictive, if administered right, it’s effective.

Doramus learned a lot of the recovery process. She left rehab with a great sense of optimism regarding the future. She didn’t fully understand the nature of addiction she needed to deal with. Besides, she didn’t know that she needed help to deal with the problems. After five years of battling depression and drug addiction, she realized that even changing states and friends didn’t work. She hit the worst point of her life. She moved to Connecticut to seek help from a health care professional.

Victoria Doramus reiterates that an addict must be committed to the recovery process to get better. When one isn’t willing to do what it takes to get better, they will not. This is regardless of the support. Personal resolve, as well as responsibility, are some of the key aspects an individual should consider. In 2016, Doramus returned to New York. She was dedicated to defeat her demons. She also wanted to prove to her mother who was battling cancer that she could do it. Unfortunately, she failed once more after signing up in rehab. She relapsed in the hands of her doctors in Manhattan. Doramus would later understand that she needed a different network of friends. She also learned that she couldn’t do it all by herself. Visit This Page to learn more.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus pursued recovery in earnest. She checked in Burning Tree, a prominent Texan facility that took a systematic approach toward recovery. Professionals weren’t sympathetic to patients who relapsed. Doramus would start her day at 5:45 am to pray and meditate. She would then indulge in chores. After eight months, she began to wait tables in Dallas. Doramus could now afford a plane ticket to visit her mother in Tennessee.


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