Betsy DeVos and Her Philanthropy Work

Elisabeth Dee DeVos is an American investor, politician, and the current Secretary of Education. She was born in 1958 and is married DickDeVos, son of Richard DeVos, a billionaire and co-founder of Amway. Mrs. DeVos has been a Republican Party member and advocate of educational reform for a long time.





DeVos was born to a Dutch family and grew up in Holland, Michigan. She joined Holland Christian School and then Calvin College in Michigan. She graduated in 1979 with a degree in business economics. In college, she was active in campus politics. Her husband, Dick is from one of the wealthiest families in Michigan. Dick has financed various conservative political campaigns. In 2006, he lost the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial election on a Republican Party ticket.


DeVos and the Republican Party


Mrs. DeVos has been an active Republican Party member in Michigan since 1982. For three decades from 1986, she has been elected as a local delegate for the Republican Party in Michigan. Between 1992 and 1997 she was Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman. She then became the chair of the party in Michigan between 1996 and 2000.


DeVos Charitable Activities


Mrs. DeVos and her husband Dick founded Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. She is the chairman of the foundation. Through the organization, the family has donated tens of millions of dollars. Most of their donations reflect their political opinion and Christian beliefs.


A Summary of DeVos Charitable Activities in 2015


In 2015, Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated over $10 million and pledged an extra $3.2 million. Various organizations in the education sector benefited. Loudspeaker Media Inc., an educational site by the former anchor at CNN Campbell Brown received $400,000. Another $150,000 was given to Success Academy Charter Schools, with a similar amount approved for future disbursement. GREAAT Schools, Inc. received $5,000.


Besides, the Potter’s House School received $200,000. This Christian school is found in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alliance for School Choice, a group that collaborates with the American Federation for Children received $100,000. Furthermore, $50,000 was donated to the Foundation for Excellence in Education.


Several conservative organizations such as Institute for Justice, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy, and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. received $750,000, $10,000, and $6,500 respectively. Various colleges and universities were also beneficiaries of this foundation in 2015. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation, the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Ferris State University, and Davenport University are some the beneficiaries. Several Christian-related education associations have also received a lot of support.


Reasons She Is Interested in Education


Mrs. DeVos’ children were educated at Potter’s House Christian School. It is during this time that they discovered how determined some parents were to have their kids learn in a safe and student-friendly place. This made them start the foundation to help such parents achieve these dreams for their children.


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The Quincy: A Hot Spot for Crime in New Jersey


The Quincy is an apartment situated on Liberty Street and New Street near the Raritan River in New Brunswick. Several incidents have occurred over the years and have caused concerns among the residents of this area. Some of the things that take place at the Quincy includes theft, shooting crimes and illegal fire arms that have left several people injured. The deteriorating security in that area is alarming, and the police have not responded to the situation appropriately.


On May 7, 2013, a pizza man went to make a delivery to one of the Quincy circle Northern building which constitutes more than 200 units. Upon reaching the destination, no one claimed the pizza order. He headed towards his car and before he could reach there three men approached and robbed him of his money, the pizza and shot him before driving off. A suspect was later apprehended through cell phone information and charged with several offenses including unlawful possession of a weapon, robbery, providing wrong information, and obstruction of justice. There was one victim of the gunshots admitted to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Shootings at New Brunswick have also resulted in two critical condition admissions.


Another incident of shooting witnessed in October 2015, where several individuals sustained injuries at the New Brunswick Apartments, NJ. Robberies and theft in this area have become a frequent occurrence. One person was left injured after about four shootings when a gangster committed the awful crime. He was rushed to a hospital by a driver whom police believed to be the prime suspect. More investigations were called for after the police found more bullets when they went to the location of the incident at the New Brunswick Apartments. The Police Chief issued a statement acknowledging that such unlawful events had become too many resulting to an increase in police patrols the area.


Other occurrences like domestic quarrels have also resulted to incidences of shootings, and this has rendered the area a poor neighborhood to live in. Many armed men are residing in the area, and that has made the level of security in that neighborhood to get worse. Daily crimes have escalated making it impossible for the residents to lead their normal lives. Many of the residents are not trustworthy of conducting themselves in the right manner, and the police have resorted to keeping a close watch over the area to improve security.

Talk Fusion: It Is For Those Not Afraid To Push Themselves

It has been said about life that one of the most important things is the ability to not be afraid to push yourself and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. That is scary for a lot of people. They have been stuck with one way of thinking and one job for so long. They really don’t know any other way. However, as the song says, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” It is the case with Talk Fusion. If someone is going to start up their own company using the video communications provider, no one said it was going to be easy or a walk in the park. It is the opposite in fact. It is going to be quite difficult and it will be filled with challenges. Nothing is going to be handed to them.


However, in the end, it will be worth it. The journey between those that use Talk Fusion and the man that started Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, are very similar. Bob Reina was a former police officer and many people probably thought, “What does he know about tech? Video chat? Video emails?” However, he was willing to push himself, outwork the competition, and use his brains. That is what separated him from the rest of the pack. He was willing to figure out what he didn’t know and put in as much work as was needed to get it done properly. Now, the company is a two-time award winner in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( The award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award is a special one that will resonate with Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion family.


Whenever anyone starts out a company, they have goals, dreams, and ambitions. They are not entirely sure if they will come true, but they believe in themselves and they have faith that something good will happen. They never lose that faith. Bob Reina has kept the faith, the positivity, and it has paid off in tremendous ways. It shows what can happen with the right mindset.


Richard Blair Helps Investors Build Better Retirement Plans

Richard Blair is helping a ton of people that are interested in building a retirement portfolio. Richard Blair has helped many people that are trying to create a realistic amount of retirement income. he knows what it takes to put the right things in motion to get a decent portfolio in place.


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Richard Blair has several certifications, and he works in various fields. This has allowed him to to thrive with his wealth management service.


There certainly is a lot of interest in what he is doing when it comes to building a retirement plan because so many people have this need. A lot of young millennials today have not taken the time to actually create a savings account for their retirement. Some of them still maybe depending on Social Security, but people like Richard Blair can help people see the reality of what is truly taking place in the world today. He can give them a much stronger foundation for saving and building a successful retirement plan.


Richard Blair has made it possible for more people to become accustomed to saving money and putting it towards something that can actually earn a decent return on investment. This is the main thing that the advisers for Wealth Solutions are doing.


They are getting people to see that it takes more than just saving the money in a banking account. This is never going to bring any great returns on investment so people that plan to make retirement portfolios must definitely put some time into investing. Learn more:


Richard Blair has proven that he is one of the best when it comes to making the best investment choices. Richard Blair has proven that he has a number of options that people can consider when they are looking for an opportunity to make investments. His various certifications have allowed people to create a whole new atmosphere when it comes to what their portfolio looks like. This is why clients in Austin and beyond are praising his skills in the investment world.


Ridinger, Market America CEO

J.R. Ridinger is a visionary. Back in 1984 when computers were still a relatively new thing, he predicted that someday most people would own a computer and that most of them would do all of their shopping at home via these computers. He also envisioned a time when consumers directed the path of the marketplace. founded Market America in 1992 and remains its Chairman and CEO. MA offers in-demand, market-driven products via its online partner stores.


Its sales model allows its customers to get paid to shop. The Market America management strongly feel that they will be revolutionizing shopping in the future. There hope is that the Market America sales model will give the power to the consumer and better enable them to build up the economy of tomorrow. Its primary online shopping site, Shop.Com, is among the largest online retailers in the world. They are absolutely committed to providing their customers with anything they need.

Market American is today headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. It has locations all over the world with a total of more than 800 employees. To date, these locations have accumulated sales of several billion dollars. Ridinger and his wife live in Miami Beach, Florida, with their summers spent in New York City. The couple have two daughters and two grandchildren.

The Advancing Aloha Construction

What is a home? A home is not just where one lives, but where they feel safe and secure with their family. This is why it is so important to love our homes and make sure they are always well kept. Aloha Construction understands this important concept. This is why they strive to offer the best services to homeowners.

After watching many severe weather rip apart many houses we call home, Aloha Construction took action. With hard work and determined employees, they began repairing damaged roofs. This helped so many home owners feel safe and now that their home was once again safe. Their dedication lead to growing business. With branching out, came many more opportunities for them.

Aloha Construction has began offering more services in the field of remodeling. Remodeling can include kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, porches, basements, interior help, and even disaster clean up and repair. This is huge! Natural disasters are terrifying. After severe weather leaving a mess of a home, it is hard to knowing where to start. Aloha Construction is experienced in the field and is offering a lending hand to terrified and overwhelmed home owners.

Aloha Construction is helping the entire area! From helping with remodeling projects to recovering from a disaster, they have experts to help! No mater the project, they are able to help as much as needed. Dedicated staff and amazing leadership is helping Aloha Construction to thrive as a business. They are expanding and have so much more planned for the future.