Ridinger, Market America CEO

J.R. Ridinger is a visionary. Back in 1984 when computers were still a relatively new thing, he predicted that someday most people would own a computer and that most of them would do all of their shopping at home via these computers. He also envisioned a time when consumers directed the path of the marketplace. founded Market America in 1992 and remains its Chairman and CEO. MA offers in-demand, market-driven products via its online partner stores.


Its sales model allows its customers to get paid to shop. The Market America management strongly feel that they will be revolutionizing shopping in the future. There hope is that the Market America sales model will give the power to the consumer and better enable them to build up the economy of tomorrow. Its primary online shopping site, Shop.Com, is among the largest online retailers in the world. They are absolutely committed to providing their customers with anything they need.

Market American is today headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. It has locations all over the world with a total of more than 800 employees. To date, these locations have accumulated sales of several billion dollars. Ridinger and his wife live in Miami Beach, Florida, with their summers spent in New York City. The couple have two daughters and two grandchildren.




The Advancing Aloha Construction

What is a home? A home is not just where one lives, but where they feel safe and secure with their family. This is why it is so important to love our homes and make sure they are always well kept. Aloha Construction understands this important concept. This is why they strive to offer the best services to homeowners.

After watching many severe weather rip apart many houses we call home, Aloha Construction took action. With hard work and determined employees, they began repairing damaged roofs. This helped so many home owners feel safe and now that their home was once again safe. Their dedication lead to growing business. With branching out, came many more opportunities for them.

Aloha Construction has began offering more services in the field of remodeling. Remodeling can include kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, porches, basements, interior help, and even disaster clean up and repair. This is huge! Natural disasters are terrifying. After severe weather leaving a mess of a home, it is hard to knowing where to start. Aloha Construction is experienced in the field and is offering a lending hand to terrified and overwhelmed home owners.

Aloha Construction is helping the entire area! From helping with remodeling projects to recovering from a disaster, they have experts to help! No mater the project, they are able to help as much as needed. Dedicated staff and amazing leadership is helping Aloha Construction to thrive as a business. They are expanding and have so much more planned for the future.