Taking a Look At Igor Cornelsen’s Career

Igor Cornelsen has had a successful career as an investment banker. He is an expert at financial investments ad most investors seek his advice before purchasing any stocks. Igor’s passion for working with numbers began at an early age, and he even changed his course to economics from taking engineering.

This was also though taking a course in engineering was seen as a great fit since engineering courses were rare and were offered in a few universities. Igor graduated in the year 1970 from the Federal University of Parana and immediately found a job working for an investment bank. Igor worked tirelessly at Multibanco, and he was soon recognized for his work. He got a position as a board of governor and also held the title of CEO for a while. The bank was later purchased by a different bank, and Igor Cornelsen decided to explore different areas.

He landed at Unibanco where he worked for some time before moving to Libra Bank PLC. At this bank, he was the investment advisor, a position which transformed Igor’s career to the better. Not only was Igor paid more money but he was able to try out different ideas that turned into successes earning the bank a lot of money. Consequently, Cornelsen was given a position as a board member where he continued working for the company.

After working at the three banks, Igor had acquired enough knowledge and experience to help him start his own company. This was the beginning of Bainbridge Investment Inc. Through his company, Igor continues to give advice to young investors and inspires them. Igor’s most significant advantage is that he sees opportunities where others fail to do so. Igor Cornelsen has been urging investors to buy stocks in Brazil which was experiencing economic instability, and his investments are starting to pay out. Igor Cornelsen’s fortune is based on his expertise.